Guest post from an Apprentice star

As she gears up to run the London Marathon to raise money for the domestic violence charity Women’s Aid, The Apprentice star Lauren Riley tells us why this is her latest challenge… 

“Running the London Marathon has always been on my bucket list – after all, us entrepreneurs are like sportspeople in that we love a challenge! But before I started training I’d never even run a 10k before. The most I’d ever done was a 5km Race For Life event with my friends, and even then I’d had to walk a bit.”

“But my background is in family law, and I’ve seen first hand the effects that domestic abuse can have on people. I’ve represented victims of violence at home, and I’ve also seen the amazing work that Women’s Aid do to protect those at-risk families. I realised there are precious few resources available so the work that charities such as Women’s Aid do is invaluable. When I got the chance to run the London Marathon to raise money for this fantastic cause, I jumped at the chance.”

“People don’t like talking about topics like domestic violence, but I feel strongly that if we don’t talk about them we’ll never change them. That’s why I’m compelled to take on this challenge. I’m proud of what I’ve done so far, and I’m looking forward to the big day!”

Find Lauren’s website here, and her fundraising page here.

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